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How to Buy Affordable WordPress hosting domain in 2023

How to Buy Affordable WordPress hosting domain in 2023

Best WordPress hosting domain in 2023, Are you a beginner blogger, who wants to start a blog but does not know how to create it? You want the traffic, an email list (email subscribers), and make money from your website but you do not know where or how to start? You want to be independent and monetize your niche website. If any of these is you, then this tutorial is specifically for you as we go through the steps of setting up your WordPress site.

Why Choose Namecheap for WordPress hosting domain?

  1. Their service is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface.
  2. They have lots of products on their homepage, including coupons and promo codes that can be applied without even creating an account on the website.
  3. Their hosting plans are reasonable and they give you more than what you pay for.

The Price of Namecheap Services:

For the first year, you have a discount when you want to buy a domain name + Hosting. With prices going up to less than 30 euros for the first year, Namecheap was very quickly my choice to start my blog because generally at the beginning generally, nobody earns money on the Internet with a blog. However, you must make sure to go through a link that gives you access to the discount or use a promo code.

How to Buy WordPress hosting domain + Web Hosting for the First Time?

You have finally found a good domain name and decided to buy it. You must type the target name in the search bar of Namecheap and see if it is available. If your name is available you can add it to the basket.

Buy Shared Hosting with Namecheap easily:

Once you have a domain name in your basket, click on the hosting designated by: “ Web Hosting  ”

If you are a beginner with the website development and don’t know the whole concept of it, then we recommend you to take the “Stellar” package which gives you the hosting of 3 websites and 20 GB of SSD. You can upgrade your plan any time in future if there is a need for it. Shared hosting is best choice for WordPress hosting domain.

Don’t worry that’s more than enough for a start. Especially since later you can choose to switch to an offer with more possibilities such as unlimited storage space offered by the “Stellar Plus” package.

Check your cart:

Once in your basket, click on “Checkout”

Activate “WhoisGuard” at this level. We do not advise you to buy an SSL certificate because it is possible to have it for free even after having finished the operations and, that the website is functional. But if you find that it is better to pay for an SSL/TLS Certificate once and for all, it is up to you to see your means.

Contact information:

You will be asked to provide your name, surname or business name as well as your address and contact information. This information is required in order to build your company profile on the platform’s website.

WordPress hosting domain

If you already have a Namecheap account, you will be asked if you want to use the information from your current account. If you want to change any of this information, click on “CONTINUE”.

Payment for your domain name + Hosting:

You will need to use a payment method. You will either use your bank card (VISA, MasterCard, etc.) or your PayPal account.

Make sure the required boxes below are checked (Domain registration, Free WhoisGuard and Stellar)

Review of your order:

The terms of service for Namecheap, Hosting, their privacy policy and so on will be presented to you before proceeding. Don’t let me mislead you, take the time to read them all and make sure that everything is clear to you.

There you go, you just bought a WordPress hosting domain

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